Menggapai Asa ke Korea

by San

This is the 8th series of books on Korea, published in April 2015, written by Indonesian students who currently study and live in Korea. What makes this book special is the fact that Indonesian migrant workers are also some contributors to the book. They are also enrolled at Universitas Terbuka (UT) Korea or Indonesian Open University in Korea. They tell their stories through specific topics such as the lives they lead as both migrant workers and students at the same time.



This kind of project is the first of its kind. It is hoped that it gives a tremendous impact on the lives of both the students and the readers as this will help them share their sweet and bitter experiences that they may have experienced in Korea.

By giving them an opportunity to write down their own stories, it is highly hoped that Korean society will also be reflected within their stories. Thus, this is what Korean Studies is all about. The whole idea of understanding Korean Studies from the perspective of foreigners, in this case migrant workers who live in Korea is not something new. Thus, the 8th book gives a new meaning to the role of INAKOS in nurturing and fostering the bilateral understanding between Indonesia and Korea.

This book also has another version, in term of cover and some slight changes in the content, since this book is published twice (in Seoul and in Jogjakarta, Indonesia) thanks to INAKOS’s cooperation with PERPIKA (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia di Korea – Indonesian Students Association in Korea). The yellow cover (as listed previously) is the one published in Indonesia, while the blue one (with the pictures of the maps of both countries) is the one published in Seoul and distributed among students and Korea-enthusiasts in Korea.

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