Seminar on Tri Sakti & Saemaul Undong

by San

In collaboration with Center for Korean Studies UGM, Faculty of Philosophy UGM, Center for Saemaul Undong UGM, and Gyeongsangbuk Province South Korea, INAKOS successfully held a one-day international seminar on Tri Sakti Philosophy and Saemaul Undong.  Held at Balai Senat Universitas Gadjah Mada on June 15, 2015, this seminar was attended by around 150 participants ranging from high school teachers, professors, scholars, students, and public servants in Jogjakarta province. The seminar outlined the similarities of these two seemingly different yet similar socio-ideological movements in Indonesia and Korea.

The presenters from both countries argued that these two so-called man-made principles indeed pushed forward the social development in both countries. While the one in Korea has successfully managed to put Korea into the global map in term of economic platform, the latter on was re-introduced by the current government to bring about some changes. In retrospective, as an ideological movement, both are against the test of time in the ever-changing 21st century.

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