The Synergy of 4-Parties

by San

March 6, 2016 was an important day for INAKOS, UT Korea, Indonesian Embassy in Korea, and Senior Public Diplomacy Group, MOFA.

That day marked an important day for the students of UT (Indonesia Open University) in Korea. The students of UT Korea managed to write their life stories into a book entitled “Jalan-Jalan Seru di Korea” ‘Amazing Journey/Travel in Korea. It was deemed as a vital day for them since they finally managed to write their own stories and compiled them in a book.


For INAKOS, in fact, it has been a relentlessly rewarding journey to be a partner of UT Korea students who are mostly Indonesian migrant workers. A rewarding one indeed since INAKOS has finally managed to make its continued support to those students to share their stories to the public.

The day was marked by the launching of the book with most writers attending the event. The invited guests and fellow students gathered at Hanyang University auditorium, notably the 14 writers from UT Korea itself. This event was made possible thanks to the partial support from the Senior Public Diplomacy Group, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea as well as the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to Korea.

The proud faces and warm smiles on each student’s face indeed imbued the already heartwarming event. They not only showed off their pride, but what is more important is the fact that through writing, they can share their stories, travel stories, occupational experiences as being migrant workers and students in Korea. They deserved to be proud of themselves.

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