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We expect that a lot of Indonesians graduated from Korea would further apply their knowledge and expertise to develop Korea-related studies in Indonesia. Although some may not do so, the number of Indonesian scholars and students pursuing higher education in Korea keeps increasing. (Currently, there are about 1,250 students as of Jan. 2017). In itself, this has been a tremendous leap from the previous decade. They are the prospective and promising future of Korean studies in Indonesia. Some of the graduates have been proudly collaborating with INAKOS.

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Former Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors ( ~ 2013)
1. H.E. Mr. Kim Young-sun
(Former Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Indonesia)
2. H.E. Mr. Nicholas Tandi Dammen
(Former Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Korea)
3. Prof. Ir. Soedjarwadi, M.Eng., Ph.D.
(Former Rector of Gadjah Mada University)
4. Prof. Dr. der Soz. Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri
(Former Rector of University of Indonesia)
5. H.E. Mr. John A. Prasetio (Former Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Korea (2014-2017)


Fact #2

INAKOS strives to find ways to secure its place among international communities of Korean studies. Based on the fact that there are currently only 4 universities in Indonesia (Universitas Nasional, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Indonesia, & Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia) that offer Korea-related classes, Korean Studies can be considered as in its developing stages in Indonesia as compared to those in the US, China, or even in Thailand and Vietnam. Via INAKOS, we strive towards a better future.

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Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors
1. H.E. Mr. Cho Tai-young
(Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Indonesia)
2. H.E. Mr. Umar Hadi
(Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Republic of Korea)
3. Prof. Dr. Mochtar Masoed
(Professor, Faculty of Social and Political Studies, UGM)
4. Prof. Yang Seung Yoon
(Professor Emeritus, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea)

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Fact #3

Pioneered by the Indonesian alumni of Korean universities, an idea of integrating and uniting all expertise in Korean studies among Indonesians was conceived. Initiated by a small number of alumni, the association has finally come into existence as a forum where all alumni, both Indonesian and foreigners alike, coexist to nurture Korean Studies. This association welcomes scholars or enthusiasts with interests in Korea.

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Key Figures

President :
Dr. Muhammad Mukhtasar Syamsuddin (UGM)
Vice President :
Dr. Tulus Warsito (Universitas Muhammadiyah- Yogyakarta)
Secretary :
Dr. Nur Aini Setiawati (UGM)
Suray Agung Nugroho (UGM-HUFS)
Dr. Ibnu Wahyudi (UI)
Dr. Novi Siti Kussuji Indrastuti (UGM)
Drs. Tri Mastoyo, M.Hum. (UGM)
Dr. Ustadi, Dr. Panjono, Dr. Yudha Heru Fibianto

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We organize a variety of Korea-related activities and events through which everyone can learn about Korea and at the same time getting involved with INAKOS. We invite anyone who loves to write about Korea to share their ideas with us. Simply scroll through our page to find out what suits you best.

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Mukhtasar Syamsuddin
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Suray An
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Yudha Heru Fibianto
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Prof. Yang Seung Yoon
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Nur Aini Setiawati
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Tulus Warsito
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Prof. Dr. Mohtar Masoed
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Feby Elfida
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Iva Hanani


Annyeonghaseyo ~ Welcome to INAKOS

Selamat Datang ~Annyeonghaseyo


INAKOS was established by Indonesian scholars who are passionate about Korea. We believe that the future of INAKOS lies in the hands of Indonesian scholars and its members. The works, books, writings, articles, and other academic achievement any INAKOS members make will be valuable contributions.

INAKOS indeed plays an indispensable role in nurturing and sustaining the current relation between Indonesia and Korea in term of strategic partnership both in academic and cultural point of view.


Interested in connecting with us? We'd love to hear from you! Check out the number of ways to get involved in
INAKOS projects.

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Feel free to share the existence of INAKOS to your friends, colleagues, students, and those who have interest in Korea-related content.

We would love to know who you are.

If you know any Indonesian/foreign friend(s) of yours who share the same interest in Korea-related content, please kindly inform us.

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Ingin Paper Anda dimuat dalam Jurnal INAKOS? Publish and Share your paper in INAKOS Journal!


  1. Silakan cermati hal-hal berikut ini:
  • Dalam satu tahun, INAKOS menerbitkan minimal 1 buah paper setiap bulan April atau November
  • Batas waktu pengiriman paper: sampai 3 bulan sebelum bulan penerbitan
  • Panjang karya: Antara 10-15 hal (tidak termasuk rujukan), A4, Word Document, Times New Roman (10 poin), 1, 5 spasi
  • Bahasa: bahasa Indonesia atau bahasa Inggris
  • Abstrak dalam 250-300 kata dengan 3-5 kata kunci; ditulis dalam 2 bahasa lain.
  • Untuk paper dalam bahasa Indonesia, maka diperlukan abstrak berbahasa Inggris dan Korea. Khusus untuk abstrak berbahasa Korea, pihak editor akan membantu penerjemahan. Namun, abstrak bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris menjadi tanggung jawab penulis. Semua abstrak dan isi karya akan melalui proses penyuntingan oleh tim editor jurnal.
  • Terdapat honorarium penulisan yang besarannya akan diumumkan lewat Call for Paper tiap edisi. Catatan: ada perbedaan fee antara paper baru yang belum pernah dipresentasikan / dipublikasikan dengan paper yang telah dipresentasikan / diterbitkan sebelumnya.
  • Semua paper yang masuk akan melalui proses penyeleksian.
  • Pengiriman paper dan segala pertanyaan mohon ditujukan ke suray83@yahoo.com
  1. Perlu kami sampaikan bahwa tujuan kami menerbitkan jurnal (juga Pengantar Korea) adalah untuk (1) memberikan wadah bagi kalangan sarjana dan cendekia Indonesia pemerhati Korea dalam memajukan ilmu, menyebarkan pengalaman, dan mengembangkan karirnya yang terkait dengan Korea; serta untuk (2) memberikan alternatif sumber bacaan bagi mahasiswa, pelajar, dan khalayak umum yang ingin mengenal dan berkutat dengan Korea terlepas apakah mereka berada di Indonesia maupun di belahan dunia lainnya.
  2. INAKOS (inakos.org) berusaha menggapai terutama para pengajar, sarjana, mahasiswa pascasarjana yang memperoleh gelar S-2/S-3 dari Korea atau yang sedang menjalani studi/penelitian di Korea dalam jangka waktu tertentu. Selain itu, INAKOS juga ingin menggandeng siapa pun yang meneliti dan tertarik dengan riset terkait Korea dari negara mana pun.

More information about the paper:  

  • Application is due three months prior publishing for each edition.
  • Selection decisions will be announced within two weeks after submission.
  • Paper should be within 10-15 pages (excluding references), A4, Word Document
  • Times New Roman (10), 1.5 spacing
  • Language: Bahasa Indonesia or English
  • Abstract: 250-300 words, 3-5 keywords. For paper written in Indonesian, abstracts should be in English and Korean. For paper written in English, Indonesian and Korean abstracts are also compulsory.
  • The committee will be responsible for the translation into Korean.
  • All accepted paper and abstract are to be edited by the committee.
  • Selected papers will be awarded with honorarium (different for each edition, announced via email). Awards are differentiated for the new, unpublished ones with the previously presented, but unpublished papers.
  • All inquiries and submissions: suray83@yahoo.com

INAKOS sets two goals through these publishing. First, we want to provide an academic circle for Indonesian scholars interested in Korea to develop and share their researches on Korea-related issues. Second, we want to increase the number of students, scholars, and general public in Indonesia who are eager to know and get involved with Korea irrespective of where they are.

Apart from that, we also strive to reach the teachers, students, graduate students, and anyone (from any nationalities) who have the passion/set their researches about Korea to share their ideas and works with us.

Thank you. 감사합니다. Gamsahamnida.

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As you could tell, we are open to be the partner in both academic and non-academic endeavors in Korea-related platforms. In fact, you could join us to be in charge of the project.


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Or, if you had experiences of working/living in Korea, or any Korea-related background, and you want to help our organization grow,

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